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QuikHelp 911 System


Simple turn-key "drop and deploy" 911 system that includes all five subsystems below.


Key benefits: Eliminates the complexities of existing 911 systems and the need to place a call to get help.  Also makes an ideal 911 backup system.  Because there's no hardware, software or integration needed, QuikHelp can be up and running at any 911 center in minutes.  The alert-viewing interface can also be accessed within first-responder vehicles to minimize response.


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1. Fast11 "no-call" alerting


Send alerts for help to 911 dispatchers with the simple tap of a smartphone button without needing a special app.


Key benefits: Makes it easy to send alerts to responders that get right through without having to call them when their phone lines are jammed with other callers.  Provides responders with detailed location info including where people are inside of buildings such as on what floor, in what room and more.  Also makes it easy to provide details about perpetrator location, description, type of weaponry and other information using your voice.


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2. FastShare photo sharing


Take, send and share photos of anything on the fly with the single tap of a smartphone button to facilitate visual communications such as showing the magnitude of an incident, developing fire, photos of damage etc.


Key benefits: No need to stop to attach each photo to a text or email message.  Photos and associated text that describes each photo get delivered to recipients almost instantly without needing a special app.


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3. Notify mass notification


Send mass-notification alerts to schools, businesses, hospitals and members of the public that can be targeted to different groups, floors, classrooms, buildings, schools and other target recipients/groups.


Key benefits: No need to sign up or opt in to receive alert notifications and no need to install a special app.  Alerts can be viewed on any web-enabled device using its existing browser.  Includes 'Preview' and 'Cancel' features mandated by DHS that enable alerts to be authenticated by two parties prior to sending as well as the ability to recall alerts after they're sent.  Alerts are delivered to recipients without being filtered or delayed by the cell carriers.  Alerts can also be viewed on smartphones without creating any visual or audible distractions to avoid distracted-driver issues and potential alert-sender liability.


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4. HelpTrack mobile tracking


Turn an ordinary smartphone into a panic button and mobile tracking device that sends alerts for help and location information to local responders as a vehicle is moving.  No special app needed.


Key benefits:  Alerts get delivered directly to local responders without having to be transferred or relayed to another party to avoid relay delays.  Tracking information can be viewed by dispatchers and from within first-responder vehicles nearby that show location, direction of travel and other details.


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5. PerpTracker


Share the location of a perpetrator with police BEFORE they arrive on the scene by speaking location details into a smartphone--no special app needed.


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