(included with our QuikHelp 911 system)

Know where the perpetrator is BEFORE you get there

Gives police a timely tactical advantage

When a fast-moving situation is evolving such as an active-shooter event, security cameras don't always make the ideal way to communicate a shooter's location either because there isn't a camera in the area, the camera system isn't working or because of other reasons.  With Fast11, anyone inside can use their phone as shown below to quickly share perpetrator location updates with responders in route and on the scene without the delays that could be caused by trying to phone this information in to dispatchers when timing is critical.  Armed with this information, first responders can stop the perpetrator sooner instead of having to spend time searching.

DIRECT to field responders

"Shooter on second floor wearing a red ball cap carrying a small gun"

Quickly share perpetrator

details with police to help

stop the perpetrator sooner

Ultra-fast police notification

As an active-shooter scene is unfolding, there's usually no time to phone in ongoing updates about the shooter's location to a dispatcher to have it relayed to field responders.  With Fast11, perpetrator movement details can be continuously shared with first responders directly to keep them updated with the latest perpetrator intel.

Ultra-easy police access

Using a simple internet browser, any responding agency can access this alert information without needing to enter a password.  As an option, the alert-sender's cell phone number can also be provided to give responders the opportunity to phone or two-way text the alert sender to obtain even more detailed information.

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