Leverage the benefits of E911 without an E911 "upgrade"

QuikHelp can provide E911-like capabilities at no cost to responder organizations

Responders have been lead to believe that upgrading to the new E911 "standard" is the answer to their 911 problems.  When you consider the staggering costs and E911's enormous complexity, some dispatchers who are already overloaded with complexity now are saying this: "Are you kidding me?"  QuikHelp is not only easier to use, it's faster than anything E911 offers today, it works with what responders already have and it can provide E911-like capabilities at no cost when it's provided as a service.  The revenue that QuikHelp generates can even help responder organizations avoid potential budget cuts as 911 operation and personnel costs continue to rise.


Costly and


QuikHelp: A simpler, faster and smarter "I need help" solution

Request help without calling

No "please hold" delays

When a major incident occurs, 911 phone lines often get flooded with callers, a problem that happens frequently.  With QuikHelp, alerts for help can get right through to dispatchers without having to call them.  Active shooters don't wait to accommodate these delays!

Fast and direct notification

Way faster than E911

QuikHelp alerts—with location info—can be delivered to dispatchers AND field responders at the same time almost instantly.  When every second counts, QuikHelp is faster than E911 because of how it eliminates call delays, call transfers and other E911 issues.

Location problem solved

Find perpetrators and victims

QuikHelp makes it easy to know where perpetrators and victims are in a building including address, building, floor, office/room, hiding place and other info.  Perpetrator location updates can also be sent DIRECTLY to responders without having to phone this info into dispatchers.

Ultra simple to use

Works just like a web page

Existing 911 solutions in place today are complicated and difficult to use and E911 is even worse—read the docs on the internet and see.  With QuikHelp, alerts can be viewed almost instantly using a browser without having to spend hours going through extensive training.

Does more than E911

Robust while keeping it simple

QuikHelp's available feature set includes external-location GPS
mapping, in-building floor mapping, mass notification, vehicle tracking, taking and sending incident photos with a simple click, sharing security-camera information and hassle-free multi-agency alert access.

Works with what you have

No E911 "upgrades" needed

QuikHelp allows responder organizations to benefit from E911-like capabilities today using what they already have without having to spend money on E911 "upgrades".  Sound too good to be true?  Call us above and we will prove it by giving you a demo over the phone.

No need to install anything

Can be deployed in minutes

Because QuikHelp doesn't require the installation of anything, it can be up and running at any first-responder dispatch center in less than three minutes without making the effort into a major "project".  All that's needed to view alerts is an internet browser that dispatchers have now.

Direct responder access

Eliminates info relay delays

QuikHelp alerts can be delivered to dispatchers AND responders in their vehicles at the same time.  This makes it easy for field responders to receive alerts and alert updates right from the incident scene without having to wait for this information to be relayed by a dispatcher.

Cyber safe

Nothing for a hacker to hack

Because QuikHelp is cloud based and doesn't require the installation of any hardware or software on a responder organization's network and uses standard web/HTTP traffic, there's nothing for a potential hacker to hack.  Alert traffic is encrypted using the same security banks use.

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