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Problem: Dispatcher shortage

Many 911 service providers are in dire straights because they're having a difficult time recruiting and retaining dispatchers.  One of the reasons is because of the tight labor market where jobs are plentiful.  Other reasons:  The job is way too complicated and way too stressful.  Shrinking budgets are also a serious problem.  The result:  Not enough dispatchers to take incoming calls for help resulting in longer response times.  With our QuikHelp 911 system, dispatchers can process incoming alerts for help in a way that makes the process much easier and less stressful. QuikHelp can also be used in place of dispatchers to prevent loss of 911 service.

A problem that's being called a 'national crisis'

"This job is way too complicated and way too stressful! There has to be a better way!"

911 Dispatcher

Solution: QuikHelp 911

QuikHelp speeds and simplifies the 911 workflow and makes it far more dispatcher friendly to help recruit and retain dispatchers

Just what dispatchers have been asking for

Dispatchers continue to complain about how complicated their workflow is.  Do they really need 6 monitors? QuikHelp can minimize the dispatch workflow to as little as one monitor and can even be used on a mobile tablet and remotely.

Because QuikHelp is easier to use than conventional 911 workflows, it's less stressful on dispatchers that are being overwhelmed with complicated technology that contributes to "burnout".   Training takes less than 5 minutes.

For those 911 centers that are having a tough time recruiting and retaining dispatchers, QuikHelp can be used in place of dispatchers resulting in a significant budget savings to cash-strapped schools, municipalities and 911 agencies.

Since there's nothing to install, QuikHelp can be operational at any 911 center in less than 3 minutes without dispatchers needing to spend hours learning how to use it--it works with what dispatchers already have and know how to use now.

Much simpler workflow

Minimizes "burnout"

Dispatcher-less 911

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