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Markets we serve:  Broadcasters  |  Law Enforcement  |  Security  |  Military  |  Educational  |  Corporate

StreamQuik provides a unified suite of portable, non-proprietary cloud-based live video streaming solutions that make it easy for anyone to stream live video and audio by simply tapping an app or flipping a switch.  Using our simple, browser-based player, anyone can view your live video on multiple platforms including PCs, Macs, mobile-display terminals, tablets and smartphones by clicking a button.   As your needs grow, you can add more streaming devices and assign each one to a separate channel button in the player to enable you to create your own live video network.  You can also socialize and monetize/message your live video on the fly while also sharing it quickly with others.  Simple, click, done.

Solutions overview:  Live video streaming made easy, non-proprietary, sociable and interoperable

How can VidAware

benefit you?

Live, portable, self-contained  drop and deploy video streaming solution in a box.  Connect single or multiple cameras to stream anything live on the fly.  No laptop or special software needed.  Flip a switch, and you're live.

Live video streaming solution that can be connected to existing CCTV security camera systems.  Enables live security-cam video to be viewed by outside first responders in active-shooter and other scenarios.

Mobile live video streaming kit enables on-the go secondary point-of-view streaming from an iPhone or iPod Touch.  Simply launch an app and tap a button.  Great for hand-held, tripod or bike/scooter-mount applications.

Portable live video streaming security-camera system to enable the use of up to 2 IP-based security cameras at the same time.   Ideal for drop-and-deploy standalone use or for augmenting existing camera systems.

VidAware Cloud

  • Reach viewers on various platforms locally and globally
  • Capture and record each of your live streams as MP4 files for downloading later
  • Stream live with multiple devices and channels
  • Share your live video publicly or privately
  • Monetize and message your live video with various pre-roll content that you create and control
  • Leverage the embedded Twitter capability in the VidAware player
  • No having to support or maintain any customer-hosted servers or special software

Crisis/Shooter Response


Economic Development

Live Broadcasting

Visual Inspections

And other uses...

Situational Monitoring

Public Affairs &  Events

Police/First Responders

Each VidAware device is powered by a cloud-based redundant service network that not only powers each device, it also enables you to benefit from the following:

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