When you grant police access to your live video by clicking on the Share 'On' button in the Alert monitor, they can see your live video instantly using their existing browsers that they already have and know how to use now.


Key benefits

How SwitchCam works

Quick camera access

  • No camera operator needed
  • Simple as using a TV remote
  • No extensive training needed

Works with most IP cameras

  • Enables direct-camera access
  • No special VMS software needed
  • No special hardware needed

View different types of live video

  • IP cameras and live smartphone video
  • Live video from drones
  • Live video from remote properties

Police benefits

  • Zero cost to access live/recorded video
  • View video at dispatch and in cars
  • No extensive training needed


IP-based cameras can be quickly accessed when an incident occurs without having hassle with complicated camera controls and software.  Using a simple browser, you just click a button that corresponds to the camera--no camera operator needed!


Makes an ideal standalone system that can complement existing VMS-based systems or back them up when they go down.  Works with most existing Flash-based browsers.  No installation of any hardware is required.


View live video from IP cameras, smartphones, drones, broadcast cameras and other video sources.  Link cameras from various properties together in one menu-driven system for easy remote camera access without needing extra bandwidth.

SwitchCam is a live security-camera access system that makes it easy to DIRECTLY access IP-based cameras with a simple click of a button without needing a camera operator or complicated VMS software.  Each camera is assigned to its own channel button to make it easy to switch between cameras just like using a TV remote control.  This enables police and others to directly access security cameras when needed using their existing browser.  See presentation below for details.


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