QuikHelp-Mobile : The ideal security system for work, home and when traveling

A "must-have" for key members of management/staff, VIPs, gov/mil officials and others

Threats to top management, officials and key staff are on the rise when at work, at home and when traveling whether it be an angry customer, patient, student, member of the public or other threat. When something happens, there's usually no time to make a phone call. That's why your organization won't want to be without QuikHelp to enable personnel to send an alert for help from work, home and when traveling with the simple tap of a button—it's like having three security systems in one. In today's threatening environment, organizations can no longer afford to ignore the security of these individuals that are vital to an organization's success. Reach up to 4 people at the same time With the tap of a button, an alert for help can be sent to up to four people simultaneously such as security team members, a private monitoring company or police. This alert redundancy helps ensure that alerts for help will get the attention of responders in a timely manner—alerts that include critical location information so that responders know where to find a person without having to search.
Security made simple when it has to be Threats are on the rise A simple solution For work/home/travel QuikHelp 3 systems in one Simple location preset buttons make it easy for responders to know exactly where you are when you need help
Threats are on the rise to top management, officials, staff and others and when these threats occur, they not only put the lives of these individuals at risk, they also risk interrupting business continuity that these individuals are tasked with managing that could negatively impact an organization's bottom line. QuikHelp gives these individuals just what they need: A simple way to get help wherever they are such as when at work, at home and when traveling that provides critical location-specific info to first responders to minimize response time when every second counts.
With QuikHelp, you don't have to hassle with downloading and configuring a special app! just about any member of management or other person can use QuikHelp without having to be a technical expert and without having to read a manual. Since Quikhelp works on a smartphone just like an ordinary web page, training takes less than 5 minutes. You can also use the system to send random text-message alerts for help using your existing text-messaging app your phone. Photos can even be sent with your text-message alerts as an option.
With QuikHelp's simple location presets, you can set the 'Work' location preset to show where your office is at work such as what building, what floor and so on. Then, when you tap the 'Help' button, your alert along along with your location information will be instantly sent to responders. You can also set the 'Home' preset to reflect your home address in the same way. The 'Trvl' (travel) preset makes it easy for your security personnel to know where to start looking for you when you travel so that your travel preset info can then be forwarded to law enforcement in your area.
Three systems in one Use it anywhere Reach 4 people at
the same time!


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