QuikHelp: The easiest way to get help fast when you need it

  • Works with smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops

    QuikHelp turns smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops into instant panic buttons by simply clicking on a link without needing any special hardware or software.

  • Shows in-building AND outdoor alert-location info

    Tells responders where an alert is originating from within a building and outside.  Location details can include organization name, address, building/floor info and more.

  • Displays alerts on Google map to speed response

    When an alert is triggered, its location is displayed on a Google map that can be accessed by security personnel and first responders using a simple browser

  • Send text-based alerts and photos

    Use your smartphone's text app to send text-based alerts for help along with photos that you can take with your phone--ideal for when you're mobile and not near a panic button.

  • View, vet and share alerts with first responders

    Since each alert is text based, it can be easily shared with 911 agency dispatchers and with officers in the field using a simple browser that they have now and know how to use.

  • Share live incident video from your security-cam system

    Share live video, recorded video and photos from your existing security-camera system with first responders by clicking a button regardless of camera system.

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QuikHelp demo--click on the 'Play' button below to see it in action

QuikHelp: Emergency-notification made easy especially when it has to be

QuikHelp-Mobile emergency-notification system

QuikHelp is a simple emergency-notification system that's compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. In addition to being ideal for use with smartphones, QuikHelp can also turn a desktop computer, laptop and tablet into a panic button as well. Because it's so simple to use, training takes less than 5 minutes so that you don't have to read a manual or sit through a special training class. And when it's needed, you don't have to strain to remember how to use it because when every second counts, you might only have enough time to tap a button and that's it. Fortunately, when you do, it's like making up to 6 phone calls so that you know your plea for help will get heard when you're in trouble. Try a 7-day pilot to see why QuikHelp is the right choice If your organization is serious about security, call us and ask to try our QuikHelp system at your school, hospital, business or other facility to experience the difference for yourself—it can be installed in minutes right over the phone so that you don't have to sweat any of the details.

Location presets enable QuikHelp to be used at work, home and when traveling

The 'Work' location preset in our QuikHelp app above— that works like your presets on your car radio—makes it easy to enter and save your work location information such as what building you're in, what floor, office number etc. Then, if you
need help, a tap of the 'Help' button tells responders where you are so that they can find you quickly without having to waste time searching for you when every second count. The 'Home' preset makes it easy to enter and save your home address and other information in the same way. When you get home from work, you simply tap the 'Home' button to let the QuikHelp network know you're at home. This enables you to use the same system that you use at work to help protect you at home as well that makes it easy to switch between these locations with the simple tap of a button in the QuikHelp app. When you travel, the 'Travel' preset makes it easy to enter and save your hotel name, address, city, room number and other info. You can also enter information about your car rental such as color of car and license plate information so that if you need help while you're away, this info can be quickly communicated to your security team and up to 5 other responders with the simple tap of a button that placing a phone call can't do.


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