Not just another panic-button system

Turn a smartphone's browser into a panic button in seconds

Play the demo below to see how QuikHelp's 4 different systems work

An ordinary internet browser is all you need

The QuikHelp 'send' side...

The QuikHelp 'receive' side—where alerts display in a browser

QuikHelp's four-systems-in-one summary

Turn a desktop/laptop browser into a panic button in seconds

Simple as viewing an ordinary web page

Includes simple in-building location reporting

Works the same way as it does on a phone

Simple panic button with in-building location reporting

Text-to-many alerts using your phone's existing text app

Share with 911

Share live video, recorded video and photos with police

Turn a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop into an instant panic button WITHOUT NEEDING TO DOWNLOAD A SPECIAL APP AND WITHOUT NEEDING TO INSTALL ANY SPECIAL HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE.  When an incident occurs and you tap/click the 'Help' button, an alert is sent to security/police along with your location when you're inside of a building.  This critical information makes it easy for responders to find you quickly when you need help so that they don't have to search to find you.

Turn an ordinary smartphone into a QuikHelp-enabled panic-button in seconds by clicking on a simple link; the 'Help' button downloads to your phone in seconds just like an ordinary web page does—no special app needed.  To send for help, all you need to do is tap the red 'Help' button.  The 'Help' button can even be triggered discreetly without having to pick up the phone.  Works with both Android and iOS phones.

Once the 'Help' web page is in your phone's browser, enter your location—such as your office info—into the 'location' window shown left and then click the 'Save' button (not shown in the photo).  This makes it easy for responders to know where you are in a building in the event you need help;  you only have to enter this info once.  If you move locations, you can change this info on the fly—no invasive tracking of your phone needed.

Turn your existing desktop/laptop browsers into instant panic buttons without needing to install any special software or hardware.  A simple pop-up window makes it easy to register your computer's in-building location that works the same way as it does on smartphones.  Since it's just a web page, you can keep it open at all times in a separate tab in your computer's browser so that it's always reachable when needed.

When sending an ordinary text message, your message only gets sent to a single person and that's it.  If they're nowhere near you or are otherwise unavailable and don't respond, you're out of luck.  With QuikHelp, when you send a text message for help, it can be delivered to MULTIPLE PARTIES AT THE SAME TIME so that you have a much better chance of getting the attention of someone that could be nearby that may be able to respond to your need for help quickly using your existing text-messaging app.

Once an incoming alert is received from within your organization, it can be quickly vetted and shared with 911.  How?  Simply copy and paste each alert into the special 911 Share Window and click 'Send'.  Once the 'Send' button is clicked, these alerts can quickly appear at police/911 dispatch centers using our simple police/911 QuikHelp monitor, in police vehicles on their mobile-display terminals and at other police/911 locations using a simple internet browser that they already have and know how to use now.

With StreamQuik's separate Bridge system, you can view and share your live security-camera video with police when an incident occurs regardless of the type of camera system/VMS you have.  You can then disable sharing when the incident is over to maintain your privacy.  In addition to sharing live video, you can also share RECORDED video content as well as photos without having to burn a DVD and dispatch a courier to deliver it.  First responders can view your content above using a simple browser that they already have and know how to use (optional feature).





QuikHelp is a simple emergency-notification solution that turns smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops into instant panic buttons without needing a special app AND without needing to install any special hardware or software on the send OR receive side.  QuikHelp also includes text-message alert  notification, sharing of alerts with 911 and the optional ability to share live incident video from just about any existing security-camera system with first responders.  Setup takes less than 5 minutes and since QuikHelp uses a browser that most already know how to use, training takes even less time.  Call us at 949.502.6741 and we'll be happy to give you a live demo right over the phone so that you can see how simple and versatile QuikHelp really is.
Click here to learn more about our 911 feature.

Please scroll down and view the self-running demo to see how our integrated 911 alert-sharing capability makes it easy to quickly forward alerts for help to police/911 operators, their vehicles and even to their smartphones.  This unique capability makes delivering critical information to 911 and first responders much easier and faster than when trying to call 911 especially when they're tied up taking calls from others that could cause you to be put on hold.

Panic button

  • No app to download
  • No software or hardware to install
  • Provides in-building location info

Text alerts

  • Send text alerts from your phone
  • Texts delivered to multiple parties
  • Send texts from indoors and outside

Share with 911

  • Share alerts with 911 with a click
  • Simple copy and paste
  • Helps speed 911 response

4. Share live video

  • View live security-cam video
  • Works with your existing system
  • Share live video with police

Special 911 alert sharing built in

Location info here


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