Unlike app-based panic-button solutions that can expose a user's smartphone to potential hackers, QuikHelp-Mobile is NOT another app. QuikHelp is a simple emergency-notification system that eliminates the need for an app; it works just like an ordinary web page on your phone. In addition to being ideal for use with smartphones, QuikHelp can also turn a desktop computer, laptop and tablet into a panic button as well. Because it's so simple to use, training takes less than 5 minutes! Deploy at any facility in just minutes without any facility "upgrades" QuikHelp can be deployed at any existing facility without having to retrofit any buildings with special wiring, hardware or other special accommodations. Monitoring alerts from QuikHelp devices is just as easy using an existing internet browser that organizations already have. When you need help quickly, you may not have the time to make a phone call or find a special panic app on your phone in a flood of others. When you are being threatened, being faced with a sudden medical issue, active-shooter situation or find your self starting to panic because of the smell of smoke, every second counts. That's why we developed QuikHelp, the easiest-to-deploy, easiest-to-use and fastest way to get help on the market today without the complexities and security issues associated with other solutions. Safety today can no longer be taken for granted when at work, home and traveling. That's why it's imperative to have the right emergency-notification solution in place to help minimize the impact of life-threatening events while also helping to reduce an organization's exposure to potential liability and loss of business continuity.

QuikHelp: The easiest way to get help fast when you need it

QuikHelp-Mobile emergency-notification system

Threats to management and personnel are on the rise everywhere

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QuikHelp: Emergency-notification made easy to deploy AND easy to use

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  • Works with smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops

    QuikHelp turns smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops into instant panic buttons by simply clicking on a link WITHOUT NEEDING ANY SPECIAL APPS, SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE.

  • Shows alert location using built-in alert presets

    With the simple tap/click of the 'Help' button, an alert for help can be sent to up to four people that shows where you are in a building when at work as well as when you're at home and traveling.

  • Map shows what building alerts are coming from

    Once each alert is received, a map of your campus/office/residential complex that shows exactly what building each alert is coming from that can be accessed by first responders just like a web page

  • Send text-based alerts and photos from the scene

    Use your smartphone's text app to send text-based alerts for help along with photos that you can take with your phone--ideal for when you're mobile and not near a panic button.

  • View, vet ande share alerts with first responders

    Since each alert is text based, it can be easily copied and shared instantly with 911 agencies.  These same alerts can also be shared with management and other receivers.

  • Share live incident video from  your security-cam system

    Share live video, recorded video and photos from your existing security-camera system with first responders by clicking a button.  Gain direct access to your IP cameras.


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