When you grant police access to your live video by clicking on the Share 'On' button in the Alert monitor, they can see your live video instantly using their existing browsers that they already have and know how to use now.


Key benefits

How Bridge works

Just plain simple

  • No special software needed
  • Simple drag-n-drop operation
  • No extensive training needed

Works with most cam systems

  • Connects via a simple cable
  • No special VMS integration needed
  • Cyber friendly

Share recorded video and photos

  • Share info with police quickly
  • No burning of DVD's
  • Quickly share content on the fly

Police benefits

  • Zero cost to access live/recorded video
  • View video at dispatch and in cars
  • No extensive training needed


When a serious incident occurs, you can quickly share live video from any of your security cameras with police by simply dragging and dropping your live video window to your security monitor that Bridge is connected to and it does the rest.


Bridge can be connected to just about ANY existing security-camera system using a simple HDMI cable that can't be penetrated by an outside hacker.  Bridge also doesn't care what type of camera system/VMS you're using.


When an incident occurs, it's important to be able to share your RECORDED video with police quickly.  With Bridge, you can stream this content to police by simply playing the video.  You can also share photos of persons of interest and others.

Bridge is a live security-camera system interface that creates a bridge between your organization's security-camera system and your local police and other first responders.  When an incident occurs, Bridge can enable your local police to see what's happening on the scene of your incident before they arrive to enable them to be better prepared once they get there.  This time saved can mean less loss of life and less liability exposure in the event of a serious incident.


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