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What to avoid when evaluating an emergency-response system

QuikHelp eliminates all of the issues above and below, and then some

Here's a great example of one of our competitor's panic-button solutions that's being sold to customers who are unaware of the dangers.  What dangers, you ask?  When someone is in dire need of help, they have to jump through several "hoops" to send an alert.  If this were you, would you be able send an alert quickly with this solution when your adrenaline is pumping and you're in a crazed hurry for help?  Most likely not.  Who could!  This costly delay in getting help can put lives at risk while also exposing organizations to potential liability just for starters.  This solution also can't identify your location in a building when the panic button is tapped because of how it relies on GPS that requires direct line-of-site access to satellites above.  The result:  First responders will have to search for you room by room and if you're critically injured and every second counts, they may not find you in time.  Please remember that emergency-response systems are the most important security solution you could buy and buying the wrong system could prove very costly.

Competitor's app-based solution that you have to fumble around to find on your phone in a sea of other apps when you need help.  Then, you have to sign in first BEFORE you can use it.  Can you remember a password AND maintain your composure to enter it correctly when someone is threatening you with bodily harm?  Most wouldn't be able to rendering this type of panic-button system useless at the worst time.

There are many app-based solutions on the market that should be avoided.  Why?  When something happens, do you honestly think a potential assailant will be willing to wait while you fumble around with your phone to find a panic app that's lost in a sea of other apps on your phone?  If you are able to find it, do you think the assailant will be willing to wait a little longer while you try to figure out your password to use it?  Not hardly!  This is the key reason why these types of solutions should be avoided because of how these delays could be very costly.

The web is full of app-based and other solutions that try to make you think that their system knows where you are INSIDE of a building when you need help.  The truth:  Most can't because of how they rely on GPS that doesn't work in buildings.  Having this critical location information makes it easy for first responders to find you when you're in need of help.  If the system that you're considering doesn't offer this capability, don't buy it.  After all, would you want someone to have to search for YOU if you're the one needing help?

Have you tried the system that you're considering so that you can run a few drills to see how it performs in a real-world scenario?  Most that have purchased a panic-button solution in the past haven't, and now they're starting to realize the pitfalls of buying without trying.  Regardless of what system you're looking at, try it first and run a few drills so that you can see how the system works in the real world.  If it isn't easy to use or requires a special app, special software or special hardware, look for a different system that doesn't.

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