A simple panic-button system for security/property-management companies
to sell as a service to tenants and clients for a new source of revenue

QuikHelp 4in1

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Your dispatch center

Direct to your field personnel

Instant alerts can be sent to security dispatchers and to field personnel at the same time to minimize response time

How QuikHelp can help keep clients happy


Commercial office tenants and retailers are becoming more concerned about rising crime and workplace violence.  Now, with QuikHelp, they can turn their existing smartphones and computers into instant panic buttons in seconds without needing to download a special app AND without needing to install any special hardware or software.  With the simple tap or click of a button, alerts for help can be quickly sent to your dispatch centers and directly to your responders in the field.


Viewing incoming alerts made simple


With a simple browser, your dispatchers and field personnel can view and hear the incoming alerts for help on their laptops, mobile-display terminals and phones without needing to install any special apps, hardware or software.  And since alerts for help get delivered to our Alert monitor below and are also delivered to personnel in the field that could be nearby, you can reduce your response times greatly without having to deal with telephone-call delays that can slow your response process.


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Sell as a service to your clients/tenants


Because QuikHelp doesn't involve any hardware or software and because we do the setup work for you, QuikHelp makes it easy for you to sell it as a service for a new recurring source of revenue—you simply buy the service from us and resell it at whatever price you want to charge.   QuikHelp also makes a great way to gain a competitive advantage.


Try QuikHelp on your own phone


Please download the 'Try Alert' document at the top of this page to try QuikHelp on your own phone—it downloads to your phone just like a regular web page does—no special app required.

A simple solution to offer to commercial tenants and clients


With QuikHelp, customers provide their own smartphones/computers.  And to monitor their incoming alerts for help, all you need to provide is a simple browser that you already have and know how to use now.

Tells you exactly where help is needed even within a building


When an alert is received, QuikHelp can not only tell you the address of where the alert originated, it can also tell you where INSIDE of a building help is needed without needing GPS.

Easy to demo to your tenants/clients right over the phone


QuikHelp makes it easy for your account management and business development teams to sell QuikHelpas a service by providing in-person and over-the-phone demos using your own phone or computer.