Safety made simple

How QuikHelp makes reaching police/fire/911 faster and easier

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Safety made simple


Responder phones


In-vehicle MDT's

Speeds notification when timing is critical


When an incident occurs, it's easy to see how dispatchers can sometimes become overwhelmed with calls which can cause your call to be put on hold resulting in a delayed response.  Solution:


With QuikHelp, schools, hospitals and other business-enterprise organizations can send an alert for help directly to 911 dispatchers using their existing smartphone, tablet or computer that gets displayed right way instead of getting delayed in a call queue.  Unlike other systems, this can be done without needing to download a special app and without having to install any special software or hardware at any of the facilities above.  Each alert includes entity name, address as well as in-building location info that tells first responders exactly where help is needed to help speed response and save time when every second counts.


Pre-validated and vetted alerts


QuikHelp gives business-enterprise users the option of having their alerts delivered directly to 911 or through their own internal vetting third-party such as their security department so that alerts for help can be vetted first.


Makes things easier on 911 dispatchers


Incoming QuikHelp alerts can be viewed by 911 dispatchers using a simple internet browser that agencies already have and know how to use now.  And, since QuikHelp doesn't require anything else on the part of police/fire/911 agencies other than a browser, these dispatch centers can be up and running with the system in under 5 minutes without having to make any facility improvements.  The system's ease of use also reduces the stress levels on 911 staff while also making new-hire training a lot easier and quicker as well.


Access that can cost 911 agencies nothing


The basic QuikHelp 911 service can be made available to police/fire/911 agencies free of cost when the QuikHelp system is purchased by local business organizations.  Once the purchase is made, system access is typically granted by these business organizations to police/fire/911 agencies as a no-cost courtesy.

Alerts delivered quickly to multiple recipients


Given how it's all about reducing response times as much as possible, QuikHelp alerts can be delivered almost instantly to police/fire/911 dispatchers, to in-vehicle mobile display terminals and even to first responder's smartphones at the same time.  This not only provides critical alert-delivery redundancy, it also helps speed response by minimizing delays that can sometimes occur with the traditional emergency alert-notification/911 process.


Text-to-911 delivery that's faster and more reliable


When these text-based alerts are delivered to 911 dispatchers, they're delivered using a special type of text-messaging technology developed by StreamQuik that bypasses the cellular carriers for greater speed and reliability.  Alerts can even be viewed on a portable tablet (such as an iPad) as a backup system in the event that existing 911 systems go down or are compromised.


QuikHelp demo for police/fire/911 agencies


Agencies that are interested in seeing a live demo are encouraged to call StreamQuik @ 949.502.6741.  Demos can be conducted over the phone using a simple internet browser.