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VidAware SwitchCam: Why it's a "must have"

Read more about SwitchCam below or just pick up the phone and call us above and we'll give you a live demo right over the phone.  We'll then show you how easy it is to try Alert on your own phone and/or computer.

SwitchCam eliminates the need for any special VMS software as well as the need for any special servers or camera-access hardware.  As a cloud-based service, SwitchCam makes it easy to deploy the system with very little IT or support impact up front or on the back end.  And since SwitchCam doesn't involve the use of any special software or hardware, training and retraining issues are a thing of the past.  When new hires come on board, you don't have to spend countless hours (and dollars) retraining new personnel.

No HW/SW needed

With SwitchCam, you can gain DIRECT security-camera access to IP security cameras with the simple click of a button just like using a TV remote control.  By assigning each camera to a different channel button in the SwitchCam viewer, you can switch between each camera feed using a simple internet browser that you have and know how to use.  Simple camera access means that even those that are not camera "savvy" can access your camera feeds without needing to be a security-camera system specialist.

Because SwitchCam enables direct access to IP cameras using an existing internet browser that you can  use yourself to access your cameras, there's no need for a dedicated camera-system controller; you can deploy this human resource elsewhere.  And, since SwitchCam doesn't require any special hardware or software, you can save even more by eliminating these up front costs PLUS all the backend support costs that typically add many thousands of dollars to these types of traditional software/hardware solutions.

Simple camera access

Multiple cost savings

When the incident is over, you can disable first responder's ability to view your live security-camera video by simply clicking the 'Off' button in the monitor.  This way, you can protect your organization's privacy--you control what first responders see and when they see it.  When the sharing function is turned off, you can still use the system to view your live video privately without anyone else seeing it but you.

Privacy control

With the simple click of a button, you can share your live SwitchCam video with your local first responders when an incident occurs.  And, when you click a different channel button in the monitor to view a different camera, the viewer that first responders see automatically switches to the same camera that you're viewing so that first responders don't have to interact with the system while they're in route to your incident.  Our simple design also eliminates the need for first responders to have to spend hours learning how to use it.

SwitchCam viewers can linked together to enable you to access an almost unlimited number of IP cameras at different properties using a simple, browser-based interface.  Adding additional cameras is also easy--all you have to do is buy and install the cameras and we'll do the rest for you as part of our SwitchCam cloud-based service.

Share your live video

Scalable and linkable

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