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Trouble can happen in an instant—it can happen in a classroom, a hospital emergency room, an office building, a retail store, at a government agency—just about anywhere.  When trouble strikes, it can result in the loss of life, injury, loss of revenue and costly liability claims.  That's why we developed VidAware Alert, a unique panic-button system that makes it easy to get help fast by tapping or clicking a button.  Unlike other solutions, Alert eliminates the need for a special app, hardware or software and all the hassles and support issues that people hate to deal with.  The 'Help' button downloads in seconds to your phone and computer browser just like an ordinary web page. Viewing alerts is easy using our VidAware Alert Notification System (VANS) monitor that can be viewed using an internet browser that organizations already have and know how to use.  To see how Alert works, click here and then click the red 'Play Demo' button you see on your screen to see the four features that Alert offers.  At a time when incidents are on the rise, having a simple way to get help quickly when an incident occurs should be a "must-have" part of every organization's planning process.  To see a live demo right over the phone, call us above and we'll show you why Alert is unlike any other system and for lots of very good reasons.

VidAware Alert

View, share
live security
video with police

Send reverse911

messages to Alert

enabled devices

Turn phones and

computers into

panic buttons



location info

Simple to
use, deploy
and scale

VidAware Alert Notification System

Four systems in one

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StreamQuik's suite of simple cyber-safe solutions

VidAware Alert: Turn a smartphone or browser into a panic button in seconds

No special app needed!

No hardware/software needed!

By eliminating the need for a special app, software or hardware, Alert can be up and running at your facility in minutes without needing to install anything on your network.  And since there's no special app, software or hardware needed, Alert is safe to deploy given how there's no software or hardware that a hacker can exploit.


When an incident occurs, send alerts quickly by tapping or clicking a button on a smartphone as well as from your computer/laptop browser.  Alert location info is also included with each alert that tells responders where you are.  You can also send text-message alerts using your existing text-messaging app.

With our simple, browser-based monitor above, you can view alerts from smartphones and computer browsers including alert location info, view text-message alerts from user's personal phones, view and share live and recorded video from your security camera system and send reverse-911 alerts to staff/employees.



VidAware Bridge: Share workplace security-cam video with first responders

Simply drag and drop whatever live camera feed you want to share to the monitor that Bridge watches and it does the rest.  In addition to sharing live video, Bridge also makes it easy to share recorded video as well as still photos of suspects, missing children and other graphic content with a simple drag and drop--no software needed.


Being able to share your live security-camera video with police on the fly can help save lives and reduce your organization's liability.  Bridge enables  first responders to see what's happening at your location to help make better response decisions BEFORE they arrive on the scene to save time once they get there.

First responders can monitor an incident in real time before their arrival by using a simple browser from dispatch and from their vehicles.  With Bridge, live video can be shared with other mutual-aid agencies as well.  And since it uses a simple browser that responders already know how to use, there's no special training needed.



VidAware SwitchCam: Access your security cameras with a simple click

When an incident occurs, you can access your cameras from an ordinary browser without needing a VMS.  This eliminates the hassles most security organizations experience when trying to access cameras with complicated VMS software and difficult-to-use camera controllers.  Now, with SwitchCam, those problems are gone.


Gain DIRECT access to your IP cameras and select live-streaming smartphones with the simple click of a channel button without needing a dedicated camera operator.  Switch between each live camera feed just like using a TV remote control.  Share your live video with first responders with a simple off/on click.

Each camera or smartphone can be assigned a unique channel button in the viewer above and the viewer can be expanded to support large numbers of cameras.  Viewers assigned to different properties can also be linked together in a single, menu-driven interface to make accessing each viewer as easy as clicking a menu button.



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