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Share your live video with first responders

VidAware Bridge: Why it's a "must have"

By enabling first responders to see your live security-camera video when the initial alert for help is received, they can be better prepared BEFORE they arrive on the scene of your incident so they don't have to spend time once they arrive to assess the situation.  This amount of saved time can help save more lives.  And since Bridge enables responders to leverage their existing browser that they have now at dispatch and in their vehicles, they don't have to buy anything or learn any new software to access your live video once you grant them access to it.

Accelerate response

Bridge makes it easy to share your live security-camera video with first responders during an incident with a simple click.  It's also ideal for using for surveillance purposes to help prevent incidents from happening in the first place.  Unlike other solutions, Bridge integrates with existing security-camera systems without needing any special software or VMS integration.  Bridge also makes it easy on staff by eliminating the need for extensive training and retraining.  Once Bridge is installed, it does the work for you automatically.

When an incident occurs, every minute counts which is why it's critical to have an incident alert and live video-sharing solution at your facility to not only help save lives but to also minimize your liability exposure.  Being able to quickly communicate critical details of your incident to first responders can help minimize your before-and-after exposure to claims from employees, staff, tenants and customers.  Getting help as quickly as possible also gives you a way to help control the story before the media does it for you and to better protect your bottom line and brand.

Simple video sharing

Minimize your risk

The Vidaware Alert monitor makes it easy to share your live security-camera video and alerts with a simple click.  Once enabled, the sharing feature makes it easy for first responders to see your live video from dispatch and from within their vehicles.  When the incident is over, you can disable the sharing feature with a simple click.  During this time, you can still use the Bridge system to view and vet your live video privately.  This also makes it easy on first responders by eliminating any unnecessary distractions in their vehicles during their shift.

Privacy control

Bridge not only includes the ability to share your live security-camera video with first responders, it also can be integrated with our VidAware Alert panic-button system so that at the first sign of trouble, an instant alert can be sent to security/police with the tap of a button on a smartphone or the click of a button in a computer browser.  Bridge also eliminates the need for special training and constant retraining--it leverages a simple internet browser that security personnel and first responders already have and know how to use now.

Bridge can also be used in conjunction with our SwitchCam solution to enable DIRECT camera access to most IP cameras without needing a camera operator.  Using a simple button system, you can switch between different cameras and smartphones just like using a TV remote control.  The SwitchCam viewer's background can also be switched out to feature your facility maps so that your cameras can be directly accessed from a browser by clicking a button based on where your cameras are located on your facility maps.   Call StreamQuik for details.

Integrated solution

Direct camera access

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