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VidAware Alert Notification System

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Employees are an organization's greatest asset but they can also be a liability in the event an incident occurs.  Without a panic-button system (or the right panic-button system), your organization is exposing itself to potential loss of life and liability that worker's comp insurance may not cover.  Your organization is also exposing itself to potential loss of revenue and social-media scorn that could prove even more costly.  Bottom lione: The liability payouts from just ONE incident could more than pay for several Alert systems.

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How to try Alert on your own phone and computer

Why VidAware Alert (must-read)

In today's increasingly threatening environment, a panic-button solution is a must-have for every organization whether you're a hospital, school, business, retailer, government agency or other organization.  At the first sign of trouble, you need a simple way to get help quickly using a system that's easy to deploy and use, a system that's accessible from any location within your facility.  You also need a solution that tells you where each alert is coming from within a building so that responders don't have to search for you when seconds count.

Why You Need Alert

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VidAware Alert Use Cases

Businesses workplaces


Workplace violence has become such a hot issue that more States are requiring employers to implement strict workplace-violence response plans.  When you stop and think about how you spend an average of 45 hours in your office each week, having a way to get help quickly when an incident occures right from your own desk (without having to make a phone call that could irritate an potential assailant) could very well save your life.  With Alert, you can have the 'Help' button  up in your browser AND on your phone at all times so that it's always available to send an alert discreetly complete with your exact location information so that no time is wasted finding you when seconds count.

Hospitals and medical offices

Hospitals are one of our most-valued community assets.  Yet unfortunately, hospitals are where a growing number of security incidents occur every year.  These include problems in the emergency room, pharmacy, billing department and in other places.  Internal workplace issues are also on the rise with patients confronting hospital staff and other similar workplace-violence occurrences.  Patients themselves are also becoming more of a security issue.  Retention is becoming an issue as well because of the concern over workplace safety.  Without needing to install any special hardware or software, Alert can be up and running at most hospitals in less than hour without requiring extensive staff training.

School/college campuses

While some schools have implemented app-based panic-button solutions, what many don't realize that these solutions can't tell you where an alert is coming from within a building.  Consequently, these schools are unprepared to be able to respond quickly when an incident occurs in a classroom or other on-campus building leaving school districts exposed to significant liability.  Alert solves this problem by providing the exact location of alerts from within school buildings when an incident occurs without having to rely on GPS that doesn't work inside of school buildings.

Retailers and shopping centers

Retailers are faced with the constant threat of robbery, shoplifting, customer misbehavior and other threatening issues.  With the first signs of trouble, having a panic-button system that can be deployed at various in-store locations—such as the register, back office, kiosks and various places on the floor—is crucial to being able to get help from security and/or the police to avoid potential loss of life, injury and loss of merchandise.  Retail employees are also becoming increasingly concerned about their in-store safety.  Security concerns are also impacting customers who write about their experiences on social media.

Security service providers

Generate a new source of revenue by selling Alert as a service to your customers who can use their existing phones and computers to send you an alert for help without needing any special app, software or hardware.  View their alerts at your dispatch center, in your vehicles AND on your smartphones without needing to install any special hardware or software—a simple internet browser is all you need.  View alerts on your phone as well without needing to install a special app.  Stand out in the crowd of security service providers by giving your customers a way to alert you without having to do anything more than clicking/tapping a button.

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