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When a public-safety incident occurs, VidAware solutions provide instant alert notification and live, on-scene video


VidAware: Redefining emergency response


When an active-shooter or other violent incident occurs, having access to on-premise security cameras by first responders can make the difference between life and death.  Why?  First responders need a quick and easy way to gain access to live, security-camera video; VidAware Bridge and VidAware Player (shown above) gives them just what they need by simply clicking a button from their patrol cars and dispatch/911 centers.  When combined with VidAware Alert, organizations can get help quickly, and first responders can see what's happening live from the source of each alert before they arrive to help save lives and property while also helping to reduce the liability exposure of those impacted by these events.  Organizations can share live video of any ongoing incident with local law enforcement or mutual aid agency by clicking the ‘On’ button, and live video can be kept private when the system is not in use by clicking the ‘Off’ button.  Once a school, hospital, shopping center or other organization purchases our technology, there is no cost to first responders to access live video from these locations. Together, VidAware Bridge, Player and Alert create a unique partnership between the public and private sector that's a "win" for organizations and first responders.  To see a live demo, call 949.502.6741 to learn more about how StreamQuik's VidAware suite of solutions are redefining the new normal for security and risk management.

"To better help you in the event of an active-shooter or other life-threatening incident on your property, we need access to your security cameras so that we can know how to best deploy our manpower and resources BEFORE we arrive on the scene of the incident!"

--Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement

VidAware suite of solutions stream live video and audio into the player above and send out alerts






Live video and alert notification made simple, versatile and interoperable



StreamQuik's simple, click-a-button approach makes it easy for anyone to benefit from the use of our technology without the complexities and hassles associated with other solutions.


StreamQuik's solutions can adapt to just about any use case such as at shopping malls, schools, hospitals, businesses and other public places where large numbers of people gather.


Create your own city, county, state or national live video and emergency-alert network by linking our players together to provide universal access to live video from just about any location.

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