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When a public-safety incident occurs, VidAware solutions provide instant alert notification and live, on-scene video

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About this presentation

Public safety incidents are on the rise everywhere and having a way to get help quickly could make all the difference when it comes to saving lives, reducing property damage, minimizing your liability exposure and protecting your reputation.  This  presentation shows you how you can equip your organization with simple, flexible and versatile technology that can help you be prepared in the event an incident occurs.

The easiest and most versatile emergency-alert monitor, security-camera viewer and switcher, live/recorded video-sharing and video-linking solution that doesn't require any complicated hardware or software!

Timing is critical when

an incident occurs

If your existing CCTV security-camera system  doesn't make it easy for you to view and share live video from your cameras quickly and easily in the event of an incident, it could prove costly.  Why?  When an incident occurs, every second counts and the sooner that first responders can be given access to your security cameras, the more prepared they can become sooner in the response process instead of having to wait until they arrive to begin to formulate a response plan.

Most existing security camera systems

VidAware Viewer that's featured in the presentation above

Access cameras

quickly with just a button click!


No complicated software needed

When an incident occurs and you need to share your live video quickly with first responders, which system would you want?




Everyone knows how to click a button, which is why StreamQuik's multi-purpose Viewer enables users to leverage a suite of built-in capabilities with a simple click without needing anything more than a browser.  StreamQuik's Viewer is also touch-enabled to give users of tablets, touch-enabled laptops and mobile display terminals one-touch control without needing a mouse or any proprietary software.

Sharing your live security-camera video with management and law-enforcement can help save lives and property while also reducing your organization's liability exposure.  Sharing recorded video, images and other content is also critical.  With StreamQuik's simple-click-share workflow that delivers advanced situational-awareness, you can respond more confidently when an incident occurs.

Unlike many solution providers, StreamQuik's line of solutions are designed for the non-technical user who doesn't have the time or patience to deal with technical issues when time is of the essence.  Our solutions leverage what users already know how to do, such as using a simple internet browser, flipping a switch or tapping a button on a smartphone—the way it should be.






VidAware suite of solutions stream live video and audio into the viewer above and send out alerts

Live video and alert notification made simple, versatile and interoperable

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