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Public safety incidents are on the rise and having a way to get help quickly is vital when it comes to saving lives, reducing property damage, minimizing liability exposure and protecting your reputation.  The VidAware suite of solutions provide simple, effective tools to monitor and respond to any emergency incident or threat to public safety.  From simple panic button solutions to integrated and live video monitoring, all VidAware solutions enable you to share ongoing incident awareness with security, management and first responders.

Use case examples:

VidAware Alert

Panic button system that uses a smartphone or tablet

When an incident occurs, getting help fast is critical. VidAware Alert turns just about any smartphone or tablet into an instant panic button that can summon help when needed by simply tapping the screen.  Unlike other solutions, Alert eliminates the need to download or configure a special app (a big hassle saver) and doesn't require anything to be installed at your location.  Alert can also help find you in a building without GPS—location info that pops up when an alert button is clicked in the Alert viewer.  Alert can be upgraded to enable the viewing of live on-scene video using your existing security cameras.  Best of all, Alert can be installed at schools, hospitals, government buildings, retailers, businesses and other entities in under an hour without needing extensive IT involvement.

Hospital Pharmacy

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VidAware Bridge

Give first responders controlled access to live feeds from existing security cameras

Bridge integrates with existing CCTV security-camera systems (NVR/DVR/VMS) to enable security personnel to share live camera feeds with management and outside first responders when an incident occurs.  Live security-camera video can be viewed, vetted and shared by clicking a button in the Bridge browser-based viewer (right) regardless of VMS being used by the customer.  In addition to broadcasting live video, Bridge makes it easy to broadcast live audio to describe the scene of each incident so that first responders can hear important details to help better orient themselves as they respond to the scene.  No special VMS integration or VMS software is needed.  Built-in privacy control enables you to control what first responders see and when they see it.

VidAware Fusion

Simple, portable wireless security-camera system that can be deployed on the fly

Fusion is a portable live video system in a box that can be configured with an integrated IP camera or a detached camera. Since it's completely portable, Fusion can be deployed almost anywhere wirelessly to provide live, on-the-fly video of just about any situation without having to hassle with wired cameras.  Live video can be viewed, vetted and shared by clicking a button in the Fusion browser-based viewer.  Deploy Fusion quickly and redeploy it elsewhere as your security needs change.  Fusion can be used as a standalone system or as a complement to an existing camera system.  And since it's battery operated, Fusion is also ideal for surveillance to provide added coverage and when cameras are down.

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VidAware SwitchCam

Switch between IP cameras and live feeds directly with no camera operator needed

SwichCam is a simple, browser-based security-camera viewer that can enable DIRECT access to security cameras without needing any special VMS software, eliminating operator error.  SwitchCam can also display live video from other devices such as smartphones, security robots, drones and other live video sources.  Live video can be shared with management and first responders by clicking a button.  SwitchCam can be used in conjunction with existing camera systems or by itself to provide quick and easy one-button access to cameras.  SwitchCam also makes an ideal camera-access backup when VMS-based systems crash or can't be accessed.

Switch between various live video sources

including cams, smartphones and drones

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