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1.  Calling first responders

When a ser​ious incident occurs, most think they can just pick up the phone to get help when it's needed.  However, studies have shown that this isn't always the case—especially today.  Why? Internal security and local first responders can quickly become overwhelmed with calls when an incident occurs which can result in callers either not getting through or getting put on hold.  The result:  More potential loss of life and greater liability exposure which could expose your organization to a flood of costly lawsuits similar to what happened in Vegas.


2.  Helping them find you fast

One of the BIGGEST challenges responders face is finding you when an incident occurs and every second counts.  If they don't have a way of knowing where you are by looking at a map that directs them to your building, they often have to summon an escort to take them to the right building.  Then, once they DO get to the right building, they have to spend even more time searching for you inside—sometimes floor by floor or room by room. When responders have to spend time searching for multiple victims, their resources can become quickly strained once they arrive on the scene.

1.  No need to place a call

With QuikHelp, you simply click/tap a button to get help.  When you do, your alert information gets delivered directly to first responders without having to make a call to anyone.  This information displays instantly in their internet browser and sounds an alarm, and it doesn't stop there.  Your alerts can also be delivered to first-responder vehicles and even to their smartphones so that you have a much better chance of getting help when you need it without the problems associated when trying to make a phone call.


2.  Instant location information

When each QuikHelp alert is sent, it includes detailed information about where you are, including the display of your exact building on a GPS map.  QuikHelp also provides first responders with information about where you are INSIDE the building including what floor, office/room number and other detailed information.  This detailed location information makes it much easier for first responders to find you and others without having to waste time searching when every second counts.  And if you change your location, you can communicate this change quickly with your smartphone.

Deploy in minutes

Because QuikHelp works with your existing computers laptops, tablets and smartphones and doesn't require the installation of anything, anywhere, QuikHelp can be deployed within any organization in less than 3 minutes.

No extensive training needed

Unlike other solutions that constantly require extensive training and retraining, QuikHelp training takes less than 5 minutes because of how it leverages what people already know-—how to use a browser and click a button.


Easy law-enforcement access

When an incident occurs, first responders can access QuikHelp alert information from their dispatch facility as well as right from within their response vehicles at no cost to them.  By simply launching a web page using the existing internet browser that law-enforcement agencies have access to now, they can not only receive INITIAL alerts, they can also receive critical UPDATES as the incident is unfolding so they know how to best deploy their resources to minimize response time.  Access also applies to incident photos and live video.

Direct alerting for faster response

When an incident occurs, QuikHelp makes it easy for staff and management to send text messages DIRECTLY to first responders that get delivered instantly without having to relay this information to dispatchers when their phone lines may be jammed with other callers.  This capability saves considerable time by eliminating the need to relay crucial incident updates that occur frequently during an incident such as when you're trapped and need help, where the perpetrator is located and

other key details that first responders need to know.


Because QuikHelp alerts can be delivered directly to responder vehicles the moment an incident happens, QuikHelp helps reduce the amount of relays dispatchers have to make to field responders during times when radio systems may be congested with other traffic.


Link multiple properties

With QuikHelp, you can link various properties together as part of the same QuikHelp system without needing to install anything at any of these locations.  Separate QuikHelp systems can also be set up to centralize alerts.

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