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QuikHelp summary

Saving lives, reducing liability

Emergency notification for business made easy

QuikHelp turns desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones into a multi-featured emergency-notification solution that makes it easy to get help quickly when an incident occurs.  By simply clicking or tapping a button, alerts can be sent DIRECTLY to first responders without having to deal with special apps, hardware and software and without needing to make any changes to your facility.

When a threatening incident occurs, EVERY second counts--delays could be very costly.  Once an incident begins, the liability clock starts ticking and the sooner responders can be notified, the better to help minimize liability exposure.  In today's world, you may not always be able to get through when making a phone call to get help--many end up being placed on hold.  To fully appreciate how QuikHelp solves this problem, please take the time to click through our short presentation below.  Then, call us above to schedule a demo so that you can see how fast and easy we make it to get help when it's needed.

See QuikHelp in action

Call us and we'll be happy to schedule a live demo with you and your team right over the phone at which time we will show you how you use our QuikHelp system to send and receive alerts while we talk.

Invite your entire team

Invite your management, your head of IT, your head of  emergency-response/safety and others to participate in the demo as well so that they can see how it can benefit their departments as well.

Available in two different editions:  Basic and Premium--compare below


Call to schedule a LIVE QuikHelp demo over the phone

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QuikHelp features

Send alerts for help from desktops, laptops and tablets without needing any special hardware, software or apps

Pre-save alert location information to let first responders know where to find you when you need help

View alerts using a simple browser-based monitor (web page) that shows alert date, time and location of sending party

Share alerts with local law enforcement and other first responders--access that you can turn on and off

Send photos and text-based incident location information to responders including GPS mapping info

Viewing licenses to enable the local and remote viewing of your incident information by management and first responders

Use your smartphone (iOS/Android) to send alerts for help without needing to download a special app

Two channels of message sharing that enables both emergency and non-emergency use

View GPS location of smartphone users on a Google map when they tap the 'Help' button--ideal when outside or mobile

Link multiple properties/buildings together as part of the same

QuikHelp system in just minutes

Integrate and share live security camera video from your existing security-camera system with law enforcement

Solution comparison matrix

Available as

an option









QuikHelp Basic

QuikHelp Premium

QuikHelp 'Basic' is ideal for organizations who want to start small and then add additional devices as they have available budget and need.  QuikHelp Basic can also be deployed in minutes at just about any facility with a simple phone call--there's nothing to install and training can be handled right over the phone.

QuikHelp 'Premium' is ideal for organizations who want a complete Incident Communications Management System that includes the features of our 'Basic' edition along with the additional special features below such as the ability to share incident information with law enforcement and other first responders.

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