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Your security-cam system

Just plain simple

When an incident occurs, you can quickly share live security-camera video from ANY camera with first responders by simply dragging and dropping your live video onto the designated Bridge monitor--the same applies to recorded video and photos.  Live video of your incident helps first responders know what's happening on the scene BEFORE they arrive to save critical response time once they get there.  This look-ahead intel can also help responders better coordinate their response with other mutual-aid agencies when an incident occurs.

"When an incident occurs, the first thing that responders ask for is access to your security cameras.  QuikBridge's universal design makes it easy even BEFORE they arrive on the scene"

First responders

Responder friendly

First responders can instantly view your live security-camera video at dispatch and right from their patrol cars using an ordinary internet browser that they already have and know how to use.  They can also hear your security officer describing the incident scene to provide responders with advanced intelligence before they arrive.  All first responders need is a standard internet connection in their vehicles and that's it--there's no special software that has be loaded or learned--it's as easy as viewing a regular web page.



Ultra simple to use

No special hardware, software or integration needed.  Works with most existing security-camera systems regardless of make, model, VMS or cameras used.

Eliminates training hassles

Since there's no hardware or software involved or changes to your existing workflow, there's no extensive training required for existing staff and new hires when turnover occurs.

Share live video instantly

Simply drag and drop window containing any live camera feed to the Bridge watch monitor and Bridge instantly shares it with your local law-enforcement and other first responders.

Quikly share incident details

Provide first responders with the ability to know what to expect before they arrive so that they can best manage and deploy their manpower and resources accordingly.  Live video can also be viewed by other agencies.

Share recorded video files

Stream recorded video files or segments directly to law enforcement as if it was live video.  Share photos of suspicious persons, missing students/children as well or any other critical content.

No need to burn DVDs

Stream recorded video by simply playing it on the Bridge watch monitor and Bridge does the rest.  Use an ordinary video player to broadcast only needed parts of your recorded video to save time.

Provide updates with audio

Dictate what's happening using live audio as the incident unfolds to keep law enforcement updated when they're driving or in tactical-response mode.

No special integration needed

QuikBridge is a  complete, turnkey solution that doesn't require any special integration with anything--it works with just about ANY existing VMS/DVR system regardless of type or type of cameras used.

Worry-free operation

Just plug it in, connect it to the internet, connect a video cable from one of your existing camera monitors and turn it on.

Zero maintenance required

Any updates/service is done by StreamQuik remotely without burdening existing security and support/IT staff.

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