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When an incident occurs, most think they can simply place a phone call to get help.  Fact: Internal security and outside first-responder phone lines often become quickly flooded with calls when an incident occurs which can result in callers not getting through or being placed on hold.  If a caller can't get their incident information through to responders, loss of life could mount, and that's not all.  During the post-incident investigation, it would become known that people couldn't get their pleas for help through to responders which could trigger negligent security and other costly lawsuits.

QuikHelp can enable any employee to quickly and easily send an alert for help by simply clicking/tapping a button on their desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that gets delivered INSTANTLY to internal security WITHOUT HAVING TO MAKE A PHONE CALL!  These same alerts can also be sent to your local first responders AT THE SAME TIME without having to call them.

Alerts appear instantly right in front of security and local first responders in a simple browser interface without getting delayed like many phone calls can.


Think you can pick up the phone to get help when you need it?  This is not always the case.
The question is this:  Are you prepared should this happen at
your workplace?

What REALLY happens when an incident occurs

Congested phone lines can  =  more loss of life and lawsuits!

Do your organization a  favor by calling us to see a live demo right over the phone TODAY!  Don't wait until it's too late!

Would you want this to happen if YOU were in need of help?

QuikHelp can help eliminate this notification problem

No call


No phone
call delays!


QuikHelp-enabled phone/computer/tablet/laptop

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