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What you need when you're in 'lockdown' and sheltering in place

When an incident occurs, most think they can simply place a phone call to get help.  Fact: Internal security and outside first-responder phone lines often become quickly flooded with calls when an incident occurs which can result in callers not getting through or being placed on hold.  Based on our surveys of those who have conducted active-shooter training or plan to, NONE of those surveyed indicated that they have given any thought to this issue that organizations can't afford to overlook.

Interview with guy who was just feet from a real active shooter

Please watch video above to see what you need to plan for

This scenario happens almost every time

Watch video to see real-life example

On June 28, 2018, there was an active-shooter incident at the Capital Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland where 5 people were killed (watch video above to see a short clip from the interview).  During the shooting, an intern was forced to shelter in place under a desk with only his smartphone in hand.  While under the desk, he tried to contact first responders by phone but couldn't reach them because their phone lines were overloaded with other callers needing help themselves.

When you're sheltering in place under a desk, you're trapped inside your building and could become a target; the longer you remain inside the building, the greater your chances of becoming a victim.  With QuikHelp, you can send an alert for help from your smartphone WITHOUT HAVING TO MAKE A PHONE CALL!  These alerts can be accessed and viewed by dispatchers and local first responders to enable them to quickly find you and escort you out of the building to safety much more quickly versus you having to wait for responders to find you.

Caller overload: A BIG problem

When incidents occur, callers often can't get through to first-responder dispatchers or they get put on hold—this is a well-documented problem that occurs almost every time an incident strikes.  Notification delays like this can lead to more loss of life AND increased liability exposure for organizations impacted by these events.   Texting a friend to ask them to call police on your behalf—like the guy above in the video tried to do—won't get you help any faster.  With QuikHelp, this problem can be eliminated.

Delays can = potential lawsuits

Do your organization a  favor by calling to see a live QuikHelp demo right over the phone TODAY!  Don't wait until it's too late!

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QuikHelp-Mobile:  Get help FAST without calling

When sheltering in place, you may not be able to get help by calling because of how internal security teams and first responders often get overwhelmed with calls from others when an incident occurs.  With QuikHelp-Mobile, this guy could have sent a help message from his phone to dispatchers AND first responders without needing to call.  This could make it much easier for you to get help if you are in a similar situation and can't reach security or first responders by phone.