How QuikHelp compares to app-based solutions

App-based solutions

The QuikHelp difference

No app to download or hassle with

QuikHelp works like a regular web page does in user's browsers that they already have on their phones now without having to hassle with downloading an app from any of the app stores.  The QuikHelp icon can be saved on a phone's home screen for easy launch.

Not easy to use OR fast enough

Apps don't make it easy to get help quickly when a person's life is in jeopardy and every second counts.  Instead, one has to stop, think and fumble with their phone to try to find the panic-button app they're looking for in a flood of other apps, and then they have to be able to remember how to use it.  When people are being threatened and are under extreme duress, most usually don't have the time or presence of mind to do this fast enough and without error.   Apps also require users to enter a password which most find almost impossible to recall.


High security risk

According to CBS and a number of cyber-security experts, 75-80% of apps in use today have been breached.  Click on the link below to read the CBS story.  There are also many other reports on the internet about the same issue pertaining to the use of apps.  The link:


CBS News app-security story


No in-building location reporting

Most of these app-based solutions don't provide any way to find people INSIDE of buildings which can delay response.  They claim to use GPS but what most people don't realize is that GPS doesn't work well inside of buildings, especially buildings with multiple floors.


Doesn't protect user's personal info

Many app-based solutions have extremely-invasive user agreements that don't protect user's information that these apps require users to provide.  If you read these agreements, you may be shocked to see how these companies deal with your information.


Lots of ongoing support needed

Because most app-based solutions are complicated and difficult to use, they place a significant burden IT people who are always being called upon to handle support issues that come up often.  This is a big problem especially when an organization faces turnover.


No easy way to share with police

App-based solutions don't make it easy to share incident information with local first responders.  They also don't provide a way to share live video from on-premise security cameras to help law enforcement be better prepared before they arrive on the scene of an incident.

Fast, easy to deploy AND easy to use

With QuikHelp, there's no app download required—it works just like a regular web page in a browser that you can keep open in a separate tab or launch from your desktop/laptop task bar even when your browser is closed.  This way, QuikHelp is always at the ready to be used with a simple click without having to fumble with an app.  There's also no special hardware, software or facilities "upgrades" required.  The best part:  QuikHelp can be deployed literally in seconds anywhere by simply clicking on a link without making a major "project" out of it.


Zero security risk to users/networks

With QuikHelp, there's no special app, special hardware or special software needed to be installed anywhere—there's nothing for a potential hacker to hack.  No software also means no software/app-upgrade hassles for IT staff to hassle with.


Enter/change location info on the fly

QuikHelp enables users to enter and change their location information anytime they want so that first responders know where to find those in need of help without having to spend time searching when every second counts.  This simple process also reduces response time.


Doesn't require any personal info

QuikHelp doesn't require the user to enter anything other than their location information which can be any information the user is willing to provide (names and other personally-identifiable information isn't required).  There are also no user agreements to deal with.


Ultra simple to use; nothing to support

QuikHelp uses what people already have and know how to use—an internet browser.  The result:  A significantly reduced burden on IT and other support staff.  Training burdens also go away because of how people already know how to click/tap a button—it's that easy.


Sharing with police is easy

QuikHelp's simple universal design makes it ultra easy for first responders to view real-time alert information from dispatch, their vehicles and even right from their phones.  Live security-camera video from the scene can also be viewed by first responders with a simple click (optional feature--call StreamQuik for details).


Low percentage of app retention

According to a variety of studies, most users uninstall apps on their phone within 72 hours of downloading them to avoid app "clutter" and app security issues above.

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