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QuikHelp for hospitals, offices and remote medical facilities

Emergency-notification solution that can be deployed at any medical facility in less than 3 minutes

What does QuikHelp do?

QuikHelp turns existing desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones into a multi-featured emergency-notification solution that works just like a regular web page WITHOUT NEEDING ANY SPECIAL APPS, HARDWARE, SOFTWARE OR PASSWORDS!

Why you need QuikHelp

  1. To help meet workplace-violence goals
  2. To help retain key staff (becoming a BIG issue)
  3. To help reduce your risk and liability exposure
  4. To have an effective response plan in place


When a ser​ious incident occurs, most just think they can pick up the phone and they'll be able to get through to someone that can help.  However, studies have shown that this isn't always the case.  Why?  911 operators quickly become overwhelmed with calls when an incident occurs which often causes callers to hear the words "please hold" when calling for help and when trying to relay critical updates during an incident.  This can cause more loss of life to occur while also increasing an organization's liability exposure.




How QuikHelp works

The QuikHelp application is simply a web page that works just like an ordinary web page does in your browser.  When you need help, all you have to do is click/tap the 'Help' button--it's that easy.


No need to stop and think

Unlike other solutions that require most to have to stop and think about how to use them, QuikHelp is just plain simple to use because of how it takes advantage of what people already know how to do--use an internet browser and click a button--no user frustrations!


Built-in location reporting

The QuikHelp web app makes it easy for you to enter and save your physical location information just like saving a favorite radio station on your car's stereo using a preset.  Once this information is saved, it's sent right along with each alert for help to let first responders know where you are so that they don't have to waste time searching for you when every second counts.  Once this information is saved, it's ready to be sent whenever the 'Help' button is clicked or tapped (there's no need to enter this info each time you need  help).


Deploy anywhere in minutes

Because QuikHelp works with your existing computers laptops, tablets and smartphones and doesn't require the installation of anything, anywhere, QuikHelp can be deployed within any medical organization in less than 3 minutes--no facility modifications needed.


Easy to support/maintain

Since there's nothing that needs to be installed, there's no extensive support burden on IT personnel.

Viewing incoming alerts

When an alert is sent, it can be viewed by security personnel, police OR BOTH AT THE SAME TIME using a simple internet browser.  Click the link below to take QuikHelp for a test drive to see how it works:


QuikHelp 'DIY' demo portal


No extensive training needed

Unlike other technology solutions that constantly require extensive training and retraining, that's not the case with QuikHelp--training takes less than 5 minutes.


Easy law-enforcement access

When an incident occurs, first responders can access alert information from their dispatch facility as well as right from within their response vehicles.  By simply launching a web page using the existing internet browser law-enforcement agencies already have and know how to use, law enforcement can not only receive INITIAL alerts, they can also receive critical UPDATES as the incident is unfolding so they know how to best deploy their resources to minimize response time.


Built-in two-way chat

When an incident occurs, QuikHelp makes it easy for medical professionals to have DIRECT, two-way chats (text-message sessions) with first responders without having to use the telephone when phone lines into 911 centers may be jammed with callers.  This capability saves considerable time in the response process which is ideal for providing first responders with critical incident updates AFTER the incident has started.


Use indoors and outside

In addition to being ideal for use inside of buildings, QuikHelp can also be used outside to help protect medical-organization executives when they travel as well as mobile workforces.  When QuikHelp is used on a smartphone, the location of each user can be tracked via GPS in the event they need help.

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