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How QuikHelp can benef it f irst responders

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A simple emergency-notification solution developed with first responders in mind

How QuikHelp works

When a ser​ious incident occurs, schools, hospitals and other business entities can use their existing desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones to send an alert to their local first responders at dispatch AND in the field at the same time without tying up phone lines and responder radio systems.


Viewing alerts

Unlike other solutions, QuikHelp doesn't require the installation of any special hardware, software or apps at responder agencies (or in their vehicles) to enable responders to view incoming alerts for help.  Alerts can be viewed on just about any web-enabled device at dispatch facilities and in responder vehicles using a simple browser just like viewing an ordinary web page.  Alerts can also be viewed on portable tablets such as an iPad--ideal for when responder centers need on-the-fly mobile access such as when their existing systems fail.  QuikHelp alerts can also be viewed from other locations.


Free first-responder access

First responders don't have to pay anything to access the system--it's paid for by private entities such as schools, hospitals and other business entities that grant their local first responders free access.


Eliminates congestion

When QuikHelp alerts are sent, they can be viewed by dispatchers using a simple internet browser without tying up incoming phone lines.  This enables dispatchers to quickly assess incident details the moment each alert is received without this information getting delayed in a call queue.


No relays needed

Because QuikHelp incident info can also be viewed right from within responder vehicles the moment an incident happens, dispatchers don't have to spend time relaying incident details over radio channels that can become congested during an incident.


Cyber friendly

Because QuikHelp is cloud-based, there's no special hardware or software that needs to be installed on first-responder networks.

Accurate location reporting

QuikHelp alerts provide first responders with detailed information about where alerts are originating from within a building--they can also reveal a QuikHelp user's location outside and when mobile without first responders needing to rely on special location database software and other complicated technology.  Originators of each alert can also send other critical incident details/updates as the incident is unfolding using QuikHelp's built-in messaging system that makes it easy to send ongoing incident updates to responders without needing to place a phone call to dispatchers when their lines are busy.


View on-scene photos

QuikHelp users can take and send photos right from the scene of an incident and send them right to first responders with a simple tap without needing a special app.  In addition, text-based incident details--along with a GPS location--are also included.


Live universal video access

QuikHelp can enable responders to view live security-camera video from just about any existing security camera system an organization has using the same simple universal interface.  Live video can be viewed with a single click without responders having to spend time learning how to control the cameras.  With QuikSwitch--a separate solution that's part of our QuikHelp family of solutions, first responders can gain DIRECT access to on-premise security cameras without needing a camera operator.


No extensive training

Since QuikHelp works just like a regular web page in a browser, training on how to use it takes less than five minutes.  And since there's nothing to install, there's nothing that IT/support staff needs to worry about supporting on an ongoing basis.


Create an alert network

The same QuikHelp alert monitor can be used to link various community assets together including schools, hospitals and businesses without having to install anything, anywhere.  With QuikHelp, responder agencies can have their own 911-like network without the expense and hassles of operating a conventional notification system.

Please spread the word today

Encourage your schools, hospitals and businesses in your area to call us to learn more about how they could benefit with QuikHelp.  Once they buy it from us and grant you access, your agency can have access to all the benefits that QuikHelp offers without costing your agency anything.

The "must-have" tool to meet today's responder challenges

Instant incident notification, location awareness, real-time updates, photos and live video access made simple

No cost to responders to access

when access is granted

With a simple link, first responders can have quick access to incoming incident alerts and other info

Responders don't have to
wait for info to be relayed

Alerts can be received the moment they happen even if dispatchers are bogged down with other tasks

Eliminates dispatcher and radio system overload

Information gets delivered to where it needs to go much faster and without creating delays or congestion

Enables DIRECT communication
from those inside

Text messaging makes it easy for on-scene responders to get incident intel without needing it to be relayed

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