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What FastShare does

FastShare (FS) enables responders to take and send incident photos with their smartphones without needing to attach them to an email/text AND without needing any special hardware, software or apps.  The result:  The ability to quickly and visually communicate the severity of each incident to help hospitals prepare in advance.

Ultra-simple to use

Because FS works just like an ordinary web page does in a smartphone browser, it can be used by any first responder without needing a special app,  extensive training or special expertise.

How it works

When first responders arrive on the scene of an incident, they send a text message to a special contact number for their local hospital ER that lets them know that incident photos are available for viewing—the text message also activates the FastShare photo viewer in the ER.  Then, with the simple tap of an icon, FS can be launched on first-responder smartphones to enable incident photos to be taken and sent to ER personnel with the simple tap of a button without having to attach each photo to an email or text message.  GPS coordinates of the incident location are also sent along with each photo if available.

Works with QuikHelp

FastShare is a separate stand-alone solution that also works seamlessly with our QuikHelp emergency-notification solution.  For example, alerts from internal QuikHelp-enabled devices can be viewed in the LEFT column of our QuikHelp viewer (see upper right) and photos from on-scene first responders can be viewed in the RIGHT column.  As an option, the viewer can even be configured so that security and ER personnel only receive notifications that pertain to them.

Viewing photos and location

Photos can be viewed using an existing internet browser that hospitals have now and know how to use without needing to install any special hardware or software anywhere.  Since the FastShare system is browser based, photos can be viewed at a nursing-station desktop or on a mobile tablet.  In addition to viewing photos, an incident-location GPS link for each photo is also provided to enable hospital staff to see exactly where the incident occurred to help determine patient ETA.

Saving your photos

Photos can be saved locally to your desktop or laptop as you're watching them come in.  They can also be saved in the cloud automatically (optional service) when you're not available to watch.

Sharing your photos

Photos can be viewed by multiple parties at the same time so that everyone that needs to be kept informed can view the them using a browser.

Use cases are almost endless

FS is ideal for a variety of use cases that can benefit from the quick sharing of visual information when timing is critical such as:

  • Police / fire
  • Incident communications (photos from inside while incidents are unfolding)
  • Surveillance
  • Trauma alerts
  • Security
  • Search and rescue
  • Revenue generation/compliance
  • Investigations
  • News gathering/advertising
  • Visual inspections
  • Social media/public relations
  • Crime/violation reporting

As simple as simple gets

  • ANYBODY can do it
  • Works just like a web page
  • Apple/Android compatible
  • Aim, tap and send

Quick notification

  • Photos are delivered instantly when the red button is tapped
  • No passwords are needed to send or view photos

QuikHelp viewer

Deploy anywhere

Easy universal access

  • No special hardware needed
  • No special software needed
  • No facility modifications
  • Deploys in just minutes
  • View photos on any device
  • Works with most browsers
  • View content from anywhere

Share visual information quickly with the tap of a button



FastShare makes it possible for first responders to quickly send incident photos to hospitals on the fly using their existing phone's browser without needing a special app.

Skilled doctors, nurses and other hospital staff can quickly determine the likely extent of victim injuries from each photo BEFORE incident victims are transported to the hospital.

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