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What FastShare does

FastShare turns ordinary smartphones into a powerful information-sharing system that enables anyone to quickly take and share photos and other text-based information with others on the fly.

How FastShare works

FastShare works just like an ordinary web page does in your phone's browser--there's no need to download a special app to your phone.  To launch it, you simply tap on the FastShare quick-launch icon on your phone's home screen.  Then, when you tap the blue camera icon, your phone's camera automatically starts.  Once you enter some text-based information describing the scene,  FastShare enables you to take a picture that gets sent to your chosen destination automatically.  You can also use Google Voice to dictate this information into your phone to make the sharing process even faster.  If you have 'Location Sharing' enabled on your phone, your GPS coordinates will also be sent to your destination party as well--ideal for when reporting incidents and other newsworthy information.  If not, that's okay--FastShare works whether 'Location Services' is on or off.

What makes FastShare unique

Normally, when you take a picture with your phone, you're instantly stuck with having to figure out how and where to send it, a process that can be a time-consuming hassle.  With FastShare, the photo is taken AND sent AT THE SAME TIME you tap the red button so that you don't have to hassle with how and where to send it afterwards--it's that easy.  With FastShare, you can share photos and text-based info much more quickly without having to attach your picture to an email or text message and without having to transfer your photos as a file using special apps or software.

No SMS text-messaging delays

FastShare bypasses the cellular carrier's SMS text-messaging system in a way that delivers photos and text messages almost instantly without the delays that occur with SMS.

Ultra-simple to use

Since there's no app required and because FastShare works just like an ordinary web page in your phone's browser, anybody can send a photo with it in seconds without needing any special training.  See, tap, send—and you're done.

Why FastShare is so important

It's not enough anymore to TELL someone what's going on—being able to SHOW them can make communication what it should be--effective.

Viewing info on the receive side

When photos are taken and sent with your phone, they can be viewed using the QuikHelp ICMS (Incident Communications Management System) monitor shown above.  Because the ICMS monitor is a self-contained browser-based interface, it can be viewed on any web-enabled device such as on a PC, laptop, desktop, tablet or on an in-vehicle mobile display terminal--no plugins needed.

Sharing and photo saving

Photos and text-based info can be instantly shared with multiple parties at the same time (one to many).  Photos can also be quickly saved right from within the QuikHelp interface above as an ordinary JPG file for use/recall later.

Public participation made easy

The eyes and ears of the general public can be a great help for providing information as it unfolds, and there's no better or easier way to engage them than with FastShare.  How?  Simply create a public outreach campaign that directs the public to your web site where they can quickly download the FastShare web page into their phone's browser just like an ordinary web page.  They can then save its quick-launch icon to their home screen.

Use cases are almost endless

FastShare is ideal for a variety of use cases that can benefit from the quick sharing of photos and other info when timing is critical such as:

  • Communicating with first responders
  • Internal police/fire use
  • Reporting of incidents by the public
  • Viewer contribution/news reporting
  • On-scene incident coordination
  • Security and public safety
  • Amber and other types of alerting
  • Sharing timely information with the media
  • Crime-in-progress reporting
  • Revenue generation (reporting of code/DMV and other violations)
  • Performing visual inspections of buildings, bridges and other infrastructure
  • And a host of other applications

As simple as simple gets

  • ANYBODY can do it
  • Works just like a web page
  • Includes location information
  • Aim, tap and send

Quick notification

  • Info is delivered instantly even to multiple parties when the red button is tapped
  • No passwords needed

Easy to deploy anywhere

Easy universal access

  • No special hardware needed
  • No special software needed
  • No facility modifications
  • Deploys in just minutes
  • View info on any device
  • Works with most browsers
  • View content from anywhere

Take, send AND share photos, text messages and location info on the fly


Share photos and other information FAST with the simple tap of a button the moment something happens

No special app needed!

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