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Cost benefit analysis

QuikHelp pays for itself ON DAY ONE by eliminating the following costs that are typically associated with other solutions:

No IT governance costs

Because of the reasons outlined herein, QuikHelp eliminates the need for a special IT governance process unlike most other IT solutions.

No hardware costs

QuikHelp eliminates the need to buy, host, install and maintain special hardware--it works with what most organizations already have in place now.


No software install & training costs

QuikHelp eliminates the need to install special software and the cost of extensive training that it usually requires not to mention the loss of productivity that occurs when people have to be taken off line to attend training.

No facility upgrade costs

QuikHelp takes advantage of the existing infrastructure organizations already have in place now which eliminates the need to install special hardware and other things to support QuikHelp's deployment and use.

No cyber-security costs

Because QuikHelp doesn't require the installation of any special hardware or software, it eliminates hidden extra costs that are usually involved with other systems that require special measures to protect an organization's network against potential hackers.

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