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Turns phones into a simple security-cam AND alert system in

one without needing a special app

Think you can pick up the phone to get help when something happens?  During a major incident, risk of loss and liability soars when delays and breakdowns occur in the incident notification and response process. Click on the link below to learn more about how StreamQuik's solutions can help your organization be prepared when every second counts.






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Click the presentation link left to learn about two MAJOR incident-notification problems that could expose your organization to significant liability in the event of an incident—problems that most aren't aware of.

Turn your desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones into panic buttons IN SECONDS simply by clicking a link.  See how QuikHelp can alert responders to your location even within a building so that they don't have to waste time searching for you when you're injured and every second counts.

Share your live and recorded security-camera video (and photos) from ANY type of camera system with law enforcement.  Provide responders with real-time situational awareness of the scene remotely so they don't have to waste time searching for your cameras once they arrive on the scene.

Turn low-cost Android smartphones into security cameras that can be set up anywhere on the fly without the hassles of conventional camera systems.  Learn how QuikHelp and Fusion can work together to provide first responders timely access to incident information to maximize response and minimize losses.

Are you prepared for
a major incident at
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